Day: September 1, 2009


Parolees’ release increases neighborhood crime, but residential stability and social service slow the rate.

Dr. Scott Goodwin

Treating fibroids without surgery

Dr. Scott Goodwin takes a new approach to an age-old problem for women at UC Irvine Medical Center.

A man in a jail cell with the door open

Parolees’ release leads to crime

Neighborhood stability and social programs can help mitigate uptick in violence.

Daniel Boehne

Shaping surfboards – and smiles

Dentists have all kinds of ways to relax their patients, from music to medication, but UC Irvine alumnus Dr. Daniel J. Boehne ’99 has a different tactic: He gets their minds on surfing. Boehne not only makes crowns, he makes surfboards. His parents, Steve and Barrie, are world-champion tandem surfers, and his family has manufactured […]

UCI neurobiologist Leslie M. Thompson

Race against the clock

Ask UC Irvine neuroscientist Leslie M. Thompson to describe how Huntington’s disease affects patients, and she replies by turning to her computer. “I can show you,” she says. She clicks on a video of patients she visited in Venezuela. On-screen, a middle-aged man stands on a street corner, swaying as if intoxicated. A woman, no […]

Game Center researchers to reinvent computer games

Drawing on expertise from computers to art, a new center in Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences will study virtual worlds.