Speakers include UCI Chancellor Michael Drake; Scott Samuelsen, director of UCI’s National Fuel Cell Research Center; Catherine Dunwoody, executive director of the California Fuel Cell Partnership; Jim Boyd, vice chair of the California Energy Commission; and Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang. Special guests include students from the Anaheim Transportation Academy and Lakeside Middle School in Irvine, who will document their experiences at www.itsyourenvironment.org.

Vehicles on display include: Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell Vehicle, Honda FCX Clarity, Hyundai Tucson FCEV, Kia Borrego FCEV, Mercedes F-Cell, Nissan X-Trail FCV, Toyota FCHV-adv Highlander and Volkswagen HyMotion.

The NFCRC, which operates the fueling station, organized the UCI event in cooperation with the California Fuel Cell Partnership, a collaboration of groups promoting the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The UCI station, one of the most advanced in the world and among the busiest in the state, is part of the California Hydrogen Highway Network.

Hydrogen Road Tour 2009 is coordinated by the California Air Resources Board, the California Fuel Cell Partnership, the National Hydrogen Association and the U.S. Fuel Cell Council.


UC Irvine’s Hydrogen Fueling Station is the first fueling stop on Hydrogen Road Tour 2009, a nine-day road rally from Chula Vista, Calif., to Vancouver, British Columbia. “Explore the Hydrogen Future” at UCI will provide journalists an unprecedented opportunity to visit the station while about a dozen hydrogen fuel cell vehicles refuel. Join researchers from UCI’s National Fuel Cell Research Center, auto manufacturers, state policymakers and others to learn about hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology and the need for an expanded hydrogen infrastructure.

11:00 a.m.