Day: March 23, 2009

An eye with vision test letters projected on top

Halting herpes eye disease

Lbachir BenMohamed and Dr. Anthony Nesburn with The Gavin S. Herbert Eye Institute of UC Irvine’s ophthalmology department have developed a promising vaccine to prevent ocular herpes, a leading cause of blindness. The vaccine works against the virus that also causes genital warts and may help in the battle against the spread of AIDS.

New clinic opens for immune system disease care

A new clinic that opened March 20 in the Gottschalk Medical Plaza at UC Irvine addresses one of the largest…

Physics & astronomy postdocs receive Hubble fellowships

UC Irvine physics & astronomy postdoctoral researchers Misty Bentz and Shelley Wright have received prestigious 3-year Hubble research fellowships from…