Day: January 12, 2009

UCI named Climate Action Leader for measuring its greenhouse gasses

When UC Irvine joined the California Climate Action Registry last year, two staff members, Fred Bockmiller and Erin Lane, set…

Kent Hymel

Gridlock puts brakes on job growth

Kent Hymel, a UC Irvine doctoral candidate in economics, found that sluggish commutes – usually indicative of high employment levels – lead to slowed job growth.

Dr. Steven Potkin

Brain imaging facilitates mental illness treatments

As a brain imaging researcher who studies schizophrenia, Dr. Steven Potkin saw a large problem limiting growth in his field and the potential for new clinical treatments.

Hans-Ulrich Bernard

Smoking linked to cervical cancer

Women who smoke are three times more likely to develop cervical cancer, and UC Irvine scientists recently discovered the biological link.

Shapan Debnath

The music man

Shapan Debnath plays what he loves on his KUCI radio show