Returning exams can be a burden for faculty due to the time-consuming distribution, collection and storage of graded work. Now UC Irvine has developed a technology to streamline the process and, perhaps someday, make the dreaded handing out of graded papers obsolete. Called Rapid Return, the system uses barcode-assisted imaging technology – like the kind used in supermarket scanners – to automate indexing and distribution of exams. Students “pick up” their exams online via an Electronic Educational Environment DropBox tool. The process reduces costs, improves turn-around time and simplifies resolution of grading challenges. Rapid Return recently received a silver 2007 Larry L. Sautter Award from the University of California Information Technology Leadership Council. The awards recognize innovations that have the potential to improve UC administrative or academic processes. The project was submitted by David Pritikin (left), web developer for Network & Academic Computing Services, and Linh Nguyen (right), IT manager for Distribution and Document Management. NACS and DDM partnered with faculty in the chemistry department and school of biological sciences in introducing Rapid Return, which is now available campuswide.