Year: 2006

On a mission (1)

Medical student John Rose Jr. shares his prescription for improving health of world’s poor

In case of emergency

Environmental Health & Safety’s Linda Bogue readies the campus for all kinds of disasters

Pointe man

Ballet gave James Eisman a calling and career, as Campus Recreation dance instructor

Student centered

A conversation with Vice Chancellor Manuel Gómez

Game on

Informatics professor Bonnie Nardi explores the ‘World of Warcraft’

Shattering stereotypes

At UCI, women are breaking into computer gaming’s male-dominated world and evening the score in this burgeoning industry

Compassionate calling

Day or night, oncology nurse Julie Boyle is there for her patients

Of mice and medicine

Frank LaFerla and his transgenic mouse move UCI to the forefront of Alzheimer’s research

On a high note

Arts dean and pilot Nohema Fernández has a bird’s eye view of the Claire Trevor School’s place in the world

Spirit of giving

Cindy Fern leads Academic and Professional Women’s community service efforts