Departing leader is lauded for upholding the highest ideals of a university education

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. to appear at UCI as part of Chancellor’s Distinguished Speakers Series

Campus’s highest honor will be bestowed at Lauds & Laurels awards ceremony

Chancellor Emeritus Michael Drake and Brenda Drake to receive 2017 UCI Medal

Honor recognizes nation’s top change-makers in history, literature, languages

Vicki Ruiz to receive National Humanities Medal from President Obama

Gala event earns $1.1 million for scholarships and other key programs.

UC Irvine Medal event meets fundraising target

UC Irvine’s premiere fundraising event honors campus friends and raises $1.1 million for scholarships and other key initiatives.

UCI rates as top-producing school for prestigious international exchange program

Fulbright’s finest

Commencement speaker Sylvia Mendez was the focus of a pivotal school desegregation lawsuit

Living history

UCI professors who were also first-generation students form support system

Meet the mentors

Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez tackles current events with gusto, sparing no one. He is a self-professed “equal opportunity offender.”