Initiative will focus on creation of ‘information processing factory’ computer chips

Doctoral candidate Veronica Newhart will meet with state lawmakers to advocate for graduate research such as her own

Technology that includes, not isolates

A UC Irvine research team will receive up to $5 million over five years in federal support to further develop a bloodstream infection detection system that speeds up diagnosis times with unprecedented accuracy – allowing physicians to treat patients with potentially deadly ailments more promptly and effectively.

UCI receives up to $5 million to advance bloodstream infection detection technology

Technology developed at UCI was used to detect and monitor a toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie that prompted a recent three-day ban on drinking tap water in Toledo, Ohio.

Protein called reflectin could be used to improve performance of biomedical devices

Exploring technology of squid skin

The Center for Epigenetics & Metabolism at UC Irvine and the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have agreed to a partnership to advance research on how genes and metabolism shape our bodies and minds.

UCI’s entrepreneurial spirit is hitting the right note

Device used during breast cancer surgery permits surgeon to determine whether the entire tumor was removed.