Waning influence of once-telling weather patterns altered by global warming skews projections

Less predictable precipitation

Findings could affect efforts to boost both human and ecosystem health

UCI-led study offers model to predict how microbiomes may respond to change

Based on a variety of satellite data, UC Irvine and NASA researchers expect Amazon forests this year to see a below-average wildfire season.

Biomarker indicates which victims of febrile seizures will later develop the brain disorder

A newly discovered biomarker – visible in brain scans for hours after febrile seizures – predicts which individuals will subsequently develop epilepsy, according to UC Irvine researchers. This diagnostic ability could lead to improved use of preventive therapies for the disorder.

Algorithms use Ranker data to predict host country Brazil as 2014 soccer champs

UCI cognitive scientist scores big using crowdsourcing to predict World Cup outcome

UC Irvine professor of cognitive sciences Michael Lee and colleagues discovered that the collective opinions of users of Ranker—a website that solicits crowd input on a variety of topics—predicted recent celebrity deaths better than individual users, chance or age.

Chancellor’s Club founders pass torch to new generation of UCI supporters

James Weatherall, UC Irvine assistant professor of logic & philosophy of science, says that mathematical models for predicting market behavior “need to be used cautiously; otherwise, they tend to engender overconfidence.”

UCI researchers can forecast wildfires using sea surface temperatures.

Prediction method could help protect rainforests around the globe.