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Alumni Anesthesia residents work with a mannequin in UCI's new Medical Education Simulation Center

Medical education through simulation

The new Medical Education Simulation Center in the School of Medicine is the only one of its kind in Orange County and among the most sophisticated medical simulation facilities in the country.

Admin Sarah Rooney grips her new iPad

Tech initiative heralds future of medical education

As part of its new iMedEd Initiative, the medical school has developed a comprehensive, iPad-based curriculum, reinventing how medicine is taught in the 21st century and becoming the first in the nation to offer entering students a completely digital, interactive learning environment.

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Squid skin protein could improve biomedical technologies, UCI study shows

The common pencil squid (Loliginidae) may hold the key to a new generation of medical technologies that could communicate more directly with the human body. UC Irvine materials science researchers have discovered that reflectin, a protein in the tentacled creature’s skin, can conduct positive electrical charges, or protons, making it a promising material for building biologically inspired devices.

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Head Start most beneficial for children who receive less early educational help

One year of Head Start can make a bigger difference for children from homes where parents provide less early academic stimulation, such as reading to them, encouraging them to recognize and pronounce letters and words, and helping them count. Showing parents how they can assist their children with reading and counting may also be beneficial. Those are the conclusions of a new study by UC Irvine researchers that appears in the current issue of the journal Child Development.

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