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Admin A crash test dummy for a water polo concussion study

Professor James Hicks, director of UCI’s Exercise Medicine & Sport Sciences Initiative, leads novel probe of impact injuries in water polo

Alumni Students playing basketball

New campus initiative fosters interdisciplinary study of how physical activity promotes good health.

Biological Sciences James Fallon

James Fallon, Gregory Benford and other UCI faculty members have Hollywood connections. Their work and expertise have inspired television dramas and movies. But the scripts, they’ve found, often deviate from the truth.

Faculty UCI biologist James Hicks

Dinosaurs appeared on Earth about 230 million years ago, when atmospheric oxygen levels were close to half what they are today. Scientists wonder how they survived – for 165 million years – under these varying conditions. UC Irvine biologist James Hicks is finding answers in the alligator, a modern relative of the dinosaur.