The UCI associate vice chancellor for research and professor of ecology & evolutionary biology got to meet Queen Margrethe II at the Sept. 14 ceremony.

The associate vice chancellor for research wins recognition from Aarhus University in Denmark and the American Physiological Society.

Professor James Hicks, director of UCI’s Exercise Medicine & Sport Sciences Initiative, leads novel probe of impact injuries in water polo

Heading off concussions

Dinosaurs appeared on Earth about 230 million years ago, when atmospheric oxygen levels were close to half what they are today. Scientists wonder how they survived – for 165 million years – under these varying conditions. UC Irvine biologist James Hicks is finding answers in the alligator, a modern relative of the dinosaur.

Gator aid

James Hicks and Michael Dennin could tell you a story about the ontogeny of cardiovascular regulation in reptiles and Langmuir monolayers. Or they could talk to you about the science of WALL-E and Superman.

Robots and superheroes: taking science public

Biologist James Hicks plays a behind-the-scenes role in Disney/Pixar’s popular animated movie

UCI study points to need for more head protection during practice, further research

In first-ever survey, 36 percent of water polo players report concussions