Titanium golf clubs can generate sparks, ignite brush in the rough, UCI study finds

Playing with fire

Engineer Frank Shi created a novel silicone product. Urologist Ralph Clayman was looking to create a breakthrough device. A serendipitous partnership between the two has the potential to make a serious dent in the multimillion-dollar urologic care marketplace. It also shows that research collaboration, even between faculty members whose offices are miles apart, will be an important part of UC Irvine’s continued growth.

Partnering for a urologic care breakthrough

James Hicks and Michael Dennin could tell you a story about the ontogeny of cardiovascular regulation in reptiles and Langmuir monolayers. Or they could talk to you about the science of WALL-E and Superman.

Robots and superheroes: taking science public

Chancellor Michael V. Drake has named five individuals to the University of California Senior Leadership Institute, a residential program for…