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Los Angeles Times, Sept. 7, 2015
Obama to honor UC Irvine Latina history professor
Vicki Ruiz, a professor of history and Chicano/Latino studies at UC Irvine, is set to receive a 2014 National Humanities Medal from President Obama at the White House on Thursday. Ruiz is among 10 honorees from universities nationwide. She is the first at UCI to receive a National Humanities Medal.

Orange County Register, Sept. 8, 2015
New dean of UCI medical school led milestone Alzheimer’s study
Dr. Howard Federoff made international news last year after he led a team of researchers in designing a blood test that predicted the development of Alzheimer’s disease with 90 percent accuracy. Federoff, 62, who was at Georgetown at the time, plans to conduct the next phase of study from UC Irvine, where he recently started as vice chancellor of health affairs and dean of the medical school. Last week, Federoff discussed his new role and research from his office at UCI Medical Center in Orange.

Orange County Register, Sept. 8, 2015
Tri Alpha Energy takes small step toward huge goal of fusion reactor
Norman Rostoker, the celebrated UC Irvine particle physicist who died in January, founded Tri Alpha in 1998. He believed that the popular method of pursuing fusion faced a fundamental flaw. Its fuel, deuterium-tritium (D-T), produced radioactive neutrons that would eventually wear down a reactor’s housing.

Associated Press, Sept. 8, 2015
National security cited in crackdown on journalism worldwide
“On the one hand national security is a legitimate basis for restricting freedom of expression,” said [David] Kaye, a professor of law at the University of California, Irvine. “But the state has to demonstrate that it’s necessary to do so to achieve a legitimate objective, and they often abuse those rules for what I would say are illegitimate purposes.”

Daily Nation, Sept. 6, 2015
Why the ‘liberated’ National Theatre should fulfill Kenyans’ deferred dreams
I would like to see this National Theatre, by what it does, the tradition it sets up, always be a tribute to the heroism of Kenyan men and women who made our history with their sacrifice of sweat and blood. This includes all those young men and women who were hounded to prison, exile and death during the Nyayo era for exercising their right to organize. … [Ngugi wa] Thiong’o is a Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine.