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Orange County Register, Sept. 3, 2015
UCI history professor to be awarded National Humanities Medal by President Obama – a first for the university
For Vicki Ruiz, UC Irvine Distinguished Professor of history and Chicano/Latino studies, being a recipient of the National Humanities Medal is more of a testimony, she said, to the field of Latino history than to herself. The medal recognizes those who have fostered the understanding of humanities and widened the public’s involvement with history, philosophy, languages and literature. Ruiz, 60, is among 10 honorees from universities nationwide who will receive the award on Sept. 10 from President Barack Obama at the White House.

The Washington Post, Sept. 4, 2015
One image from space captures Alaska’s terrifying wildfire season
NASA’s Earth Observatory doesn’t just present these pictures – it also quoted an expert from the University of California, Irvine, Sander Veraverbeke, to estimate the consequences of such a burn when it comes to contributing carbon to the atmosphere. … NASA quotes Veraverbeke as follows: “a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation is that we are probably looking at emissions somewhere between 37 and 55 teragrams” of carbon.

Pacific Standard, Sept. 4, 2015
The future of work: Giving voice to the five percent
Jennifer Chacón is a professor of law at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. … The fact that eight million workers – about five percent of the entire workforce – are unauthorized has serious implications for all U.S. workers and for the health of the nation’s democratic system.

CNN, Sept. 3, 2015
Are we facing a homicide epidemic?
George E Tita is a professor of criminology, law and society and director of the master of public policy program at the University of California, Irvine. … But whatever is driving this latest rise, 2015 looks very different from two or three decades ago — we now have more information to understand what is driving these surges, and our communities and law enforcement agencies are much better placed to get out in front of this problem and prevent full-blown crisis.

WNYC, Sept. 4, 2015
Waning battles in the culture wars
John Dombrink, professor of criminology, law, and society at the University of California, Irvine and author of The Twilight of Social Conservatism: American Culture Wars in the Obama Era … talks about his new book where he claims that social conservatism is on the decline in America, and is unlikely to regain the potency it once held in American politics.

ABC 7, Sept. 2, 2015
Acupuncture for high blood pressure
Scientists at UC Irvine found that blood pressure levels went down when patients were treated for 30 minutes a week with special types of treatment called electro-acupuncture …