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The Atlantic, Sept. 24, 2015
‘The model minority’ at the country’s top-ranked universities
The highly selective UC campuses are known, sometimes bitterly, to serve especially disproportionate numbers of Asian students; Asians famously make up half of the undergraduates at UC Irvine, for example, which was No. 1 on Leonhardt’s list.

Slate, Sept. 24, 2015
Smooth talker
Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Chancellor’s Professor of history [writes], “When Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Seattle on Tuesday for his U.S. visit and joked that his anti-corruption drive was no House of Cards power play, he wasn’t just showing his familiarity with American pop culture: He was adding a page in a PR playbook that goes all the way back to Deng Xiaoping.”

Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Sept. 23, 2015
Product unbundling in the travel industry: The economics of airline bag fees
What are the effects of airline bag fees on the overall cost of air travel? … The following section is a Q&A with Professor Jan Brueckner [UCI].

The Washington Post, Sept. 23, 2015
Federal court picks expert to aide in redistricting
Judge Albert Diaz of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in a court filing Wednesday that a judicial panel has selected Dr. Bernard Grofman, an economics and political science professor at the University of California, Irvine.

NBC 4, Sept. 25, 2015
Today in L.A.
This out of UC Irvine. … A paralyzed man is able to walk thanks to amazing technology and a dedicated team.