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ABC7, Sept. 8, 2016
Titanium golf club blamed for Orange County brush fire
That isn’t a surprise to James Earthman, a UC Irvine chemical engineering and materials science professor who did a study in 2014. … “With stainless steel we never saw any sparks,” Earthman said. “When we tested a titanium club, every time we hit a rock with a titanium there were a lot of sparks.”

KTLA, Sept. 8, 2016
Brush fire in Mission Viejo prompts warning about titanium golf clubs
When news broke about a brush fire that started in Mission Viejo earlier this week, it came as a bit of déjà vu for UC Irvine Professor James Earthman.  … “I was a bit disappointed that this was still occurring, particularly at a golf course that a fire had already occurred.”  Two years ago we interviewed Professor Earthman about a study he had done that found titanium clubs could spark brush fires in just that way and one of the cases cited came from that very same golf course in Mission Viejo.

CBS Los Angeles, Sept. 8, 2016
20-acre Mission Viejo brush fire was sparked by titanium golf club striking rock, officials say
UC Irvine engineering professor James Earthman demonstrated in 2014 how quickly a swing can launch a 3,000-degree spark into the brush. … “It was when companies started making other clubs out of titanium that these fires stated to occur, in particular irons and hybrids made of titanium are particularly hazardous,” he said.

The Atlantic, Sept. 9, 2016
A worrying trend for psychology’s “Simple little tricks”
According to this theory, only students who are subject to negative stereotypes should benefit, and the poorest performers should benefit most. And that’s exactly what the team found. … At first, so did Paul Hanselman from the University of California, Irvine. … In 2011, Hanselman and his colleagues repeated the study … The critical thing here is that Hanselman has replicated both Cohen’s original experiment and his own successful replication − a rarity in psychology.

New York Post, Sept. 8, 2016
Why parents need to judge other parents
As explained in a study conducted by University of California, Irvine, researchers, “People don’t only think that leaving children alone is dangerous and therefore immoral. They also think it is immoral and therefore dangerous.” In other words, simply because they think it is the wrong thing to do, they immediately stamp it as being potentially harmful to the kids. They overestimate risk and feel it’s their right to dis other people’s parenting techniques.

az central, Sept. 8, 2016
Poll: Arizona voters trust police but believe races treated differently
“I think one of the consequences of the high-profile immigration-focus-policy decisions of the MCSO and MCAO (Maricopa County Attorney’s Office) over the past decade has been the erosion of trust between Latino and especially immigrant communities,” said Annie Lai, co-director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. Lai, who worked as a plaintiffs’ attorney in racial-profiling cases against Arpaio, said the policies include “effectively criminalizing activities like work and driving down the street.”

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