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Sierra Magazine, Sept. 2016
The Top 20
These are the colleges working hardest to protect the planet in 2016….  3. University of California, Irvine: Last year’s number one school remains an eco-leader, excelling in a category that’s tough to conquer in car-crazy Southern California: transportation.

Pacific Standard, Sept. 6, 2016
Rap music remains uniquely threatening
Rap retains a strong stigma  −  one that, interestingly enough, transcends race. That’s the conclusion of three researchers at the University of California, Irvine: Adam Dunbar, Charis Kubrin, and Nicholas Scurich. In the journal Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, they provide evidence that rap retains a strong stigma  –  one that, interestingly enough, transcends race.

Quartz, Sept. 7, 2016
Parents’ judginess of other parents is making their kids less able to deal with life
But researchers recently found evidence that something else might be fueling this culture of hyper-vigilance: parents’ need to moralistically judge other parents for their parenting skills. … To test that hypothesis, the researchers – Ashley Thomas, Kyle Stanford, and Barbara Sarnecka, all from the University of California, Irvine – engaged more than 1,300 people in a variety of experiments.

Inside Higher Ed, Sept. 7, 2016
Fundamental Trump
[Aaron] James … is a professor and chair of philosophy at the University of California, Irvine. His major work of scholarship to date, Fairness in Practice: A Social Contract for a Global Economy … was well received by his peers, though it has been largely overshadowed by his pioneering work in asshole studies.

KCRW, Sept. 7, 2016
Freedom of speech and the confederate flag in art
Timothy Desmond … submitted a painting called “The Attack” to the Big Fresno Fair last year. It depicts confederate soldiers before the 1864 siege of Atlanta. The fair rejected the painting, however, because it depicts the Confederate Flag. California passed a law two years ago restricting the flag’s public display. Now the painter is suing the state and the fair. Did the fair violate Desmond’s free speech rights? Guest: Erwin Chemerinsky, University of California, Irvine.

Fox 21, Sept. 7, 2016
Charles Vega on pain medication
A director for the University of California, Irvine’s medical education program says many don’t consider that OTC pain relievers are still powerful medicines. Charles Vega M.D., UC Irvine [said], “Unfortunately in my clinic and our hospital, we see the consequences of drug interactions or diseases that are exacerbated by the use of over the counter medications of different types on a routine basis.”

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