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The New York Times, Sept. 28, 2016
If your vote doesn’t really count, is there anything you can do?
With these disparities in mind, I asked Rick Hasen, a professor of law and political science at the University of California, Irvine, about some of the laws that govern how people can try to maximize their influence.

The Washington Post, Sept. 27, 2016
Trump’s falsehoods on election rigging are at odds with reality
“When you have voter ID laws that pretend to be about common-sense reform, but in fact are about suppressing the votes of Democrats and have been proved to make a difference of two or three percentage points in a race, that is rigging the vote,” University of California, Irvine professor Jon Wiener recently explained.

The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27, 2016
Which campuses have the most diversity
Urban public schools in California also see diverse student bodies with a large proportion of non-native students. The University of California, Irvine, tied for eighth in environment, and the University of California, Los Angeles ranked 10th.

Forbes, Sept. 27, 2016
Science is what made America great
According to professor Peter Ditto at UC Irvine, “People think that they think like scientists. But really they think like lawyers. Scientists don’t care what the answer is: they look at the data and draw a conclusion. Lawyers know the conclusion they want to reach, then they harness a bunch of facts to support that conclusion.”

Orange County Register, Sept. 23, 2016
UCI launches video game arena, recruits e-sports team
A new sports arena debuted at UC Irvine on Friday night. But instead of a field, it features a sleek-looking room with top-of-the-line gaming computers.

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