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The Huffington Post, Oct. 5, 2016
It’s not just about the Supreme Court: Agency appointments matter too in the next election
Michele Goodwin, Chancellor’s Professor at University of California, Irvine, [writes]: It is abundantly clear that the 2016 Presidential election matters and most people point to the Supreme Court as the primary reason why. After all, the next president will likely nominate two or possibly three justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

OC Weekly, Oct, 5, 2016
LAPD Chief Charlie Beck keynotes “Race & Policing” symposium at UC Irvine
Beck is to be the lunchtime keynote speaker at the symposium that coincides with the anticipated launch of the UCI Institute for Policing in Society, a multidisciplinary policy think tank that will study all facets of policing to inform a future of policing in America that is defined by democratic principles, protection of civil rights and civil liberties, and evidence-based policy.

Scientific American, Oct. 2016
In the dark about dark matter
For example, in 2008 Jonathan Feng and Jason Kumar, both then at the University of California, Irvine, showed how a phenomenon known as supersymmetry could produce a hypothetical class of particles much lighter and more weakly interacting than WIMPs. “These particles result in the same amount of dark matter we see today, but they aren’t WIMPs,” Feng says. “This upsets the apple cart because it is just as well motivated theoretically. We call it the WIMPless miracle.”

Morningstar, Oct. 6, 2016
4 ways to deal with interruptions
Gloria Mark, Ph.D., from the University of California, Irvine, is an expert in the study of social computing, multitasking, attention, and interruption. … The information is shocking. The average amount of time people spent on any single event before being interrupted or before switching (to another task) was about three minutes. Actually, three minutes and five seconds, on average.

Science, Oct. 5, 2016
This protein is mutated in half of all cancers. New drugs aim to fix it before it’s too late
In fact, a team led by [Rommie] Amaro, UC Irvine biochemist Peter Kaiser, and UC Irvine computer scientist Rick Lathrop recently used computer modeling to screen more than 1 million different compounds for binding in the cleft. The team found several hundred that might do so and restore the protein to its functional shape ….

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