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USA Today, Oct. 30, 2019
US college enrollment keeps falling, but applications are skyrocketing at these schools

  1. University of California-Irvine

The Boston Globe, Oct. 29, 2019
Amid BC suicide case, a look at how texting can empower abusers
The effect of a text extends beyond the five or 10 seconds it takes to read it, added Gloria Mark, professor of informatics at the University of California Irvine, who studies the impact of digital media on people’s lives. Emotions and anxiety surround anticipating the text, and then reacting to it. Exchanging a torrent of texts every day has got to interfere with a person’s life, she said: “It’s a way of controlling.”

U.S. News & World Report, Oct. 28, 2019
CBD for Migraines: Medical Research and Risks
Daniele Piomelli, professor of anatomy and neurobiology at the UCI School of Medicine and director of the UCI Center for the Study of Cannabis at the University of California, Irvine, says that CBD may be effective in treating several conditions. … “We certainly need more research,” Piomelli adds. “Current federal legislation makes it very hard for researchers to study the various compounds and cannabis and ask the questions that the public wants to know.”

Daily Pilot, Oct. 25, 2019
Women are regularly read and cited less in academia, but not for lack of research, UCI study shows
The report — from Heidi Hardt, an associate professor of political science at UCI; co-author Amy Erica Smith, an associate professor of political science at Iowa State University, and other researchers — examined 88,673 doctoral-level readings assigned to graduate students nationwide and determined that women were the lead authors on only 18.7% of them. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Broadway World, Oct. 29, 2019
BWW Blog: If You’re Early You’re On Time, If You’re On Time You’re Late, If You’re Late…
UC Irvine’s Drama Department has this fun little policy that if you’re absent twice, your grade drops … (A+ to A, A to A-, etc.) and two tardies count as one absence. You’re officially tardy the second the clock strikes the hour and you’re not already in the room, and if you’re a person who rolls into class 1-2 minutes late on most days, you’ll fail the class in about a week. … While I was first upset about getting marked late, I soon understood just how important punctuality is.

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