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Academic Minute, Oct. 20, 2021 (Audio)
Brittany Morey, University of California, Irvine – The Central Role of Social Support in the Health of Chinese and Korean American Immigrants
On University of California, Irvine Week: Immigrants can thrive with a strong support network.Brittany Morey, PhD, MPH, assistant professor of health, society and behavior, explores why.

The New York Times, Oct. 20, 2021 (Opinion)
Opinion: Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals. Discuss.
[Tom] Jacobs cites the work of Sean Wojcik, a senior data scientist at Axios, and Peter Ditto, [a psychological science professor at] the University of California, Irvine, who find in their paper “Conservative Self-Enhancement” that political conservatives have “a strengthened tendency to evaluate the self in an overly positive way.” Based on that research, Wojcik, Ditto and four colleagues argue in “Conservatives Report, but Liberals Display, Greater Happiness” that “research suggesting that political conservatives are happier than political liberals is fully mediated by conservatives’ self-enhancing style of self-report.” [Subscription required, campus-wide access provided by UCI Libraries. Sign-up here: https://guides.lib.uci.edu/nytimes]

MoneyGeek, Oct. 18, 2021
Opportunity Cost
Brian Jenkins, associate teaching professor of economics at UCI writes, “You have to take seriously that the decisions you make today affect your future standard of living. Going out to eat at a nice restaurant today or going on a vacation this year are essentially paid for by borrowing against your wealth at retirement. … And that doesn’t necessarily mean skipping the vacation, but it might mean going out to eat less often.”

International Business Times, Oct. 19, 2021
Midterm Elections 2022: Redistricting Could Help Republicans Take Back House
Gerrymandering is expected to be an issue in next year’s election, as Republicans redrew the maps in 2011 and 2012, which was an advantage for several election cycles. “The lingering effects of partisan gerrymandering, disproportionately by Republican-controlled legislatures, make it harder for the Democrats to hold onto control or win control,” said Bernard Grofman, a [Distinguished] Professor of politics at the University of California, Irvine.

Orange Coast Magazine, Oct. 18, 2021
21 Gen Z Locals To Watch
Elena Bock
Age: 20
Co-president and hub coordinator of Sunrise Movement at UC Irvine
Bona fides: An environmental science and policy major at UC Irvine, Bock has been passionate about the topic of climate change since she was quite young. Originally from Davis, the rising junior chose UC Irvine specifically for its interdisciplinary environmental science program. Bock heard about Sunrise Movement—a national youth organization focusing on political action for climate change—when she was a freshman. Now she runs the group alongside her friend Kelly Perymon.

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