UCI News

Orange County Register, Nov. 6, 2015
UC Irvine to offer courses on India’s religions
UC Irvine students will soon have the option of studying about lesser-known religions from South Asia such as Sikhism and Jainism. … Even though the university does not have a separate department for religious studies, these endowed chairs are “a wonderful step in that direction,” said John R. “Jack” Miles, director of UC Irvine’s Program in Religious Studies.

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 5, 2015
A swallowed pill appears to deliver weight loss without gastric surgery
University of California, Irvine’s chief bariatric surgeon, Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen, cautioned that the gastric balloon is not a permanent solution to weight loss. But Nguyen, who was not involved in the current study, said it may offer a treatment for overweight patients hoping to avert obesity, and to patients who may not be good candidates for bariatric surgery.

Southern California Public Radio, Nov. 5, 2015
Parsing the ginormous Trans-Pacific Partnership pact deal
The proposed trade deal would join the US with 11 other Pacific Rim countries, which collectively represent 40 percent of world GDP. It’s been a priority for President Obama, but is being criticized by many of his own party, including Hillary Clinton. … Guests … Peter Navarro, a professor of economics and public policy at UC Irvine.

Vox, Nov. 5, 2015
DEA chief: Medical marijuana is “a joke.” Science: No, it’s not.
The potential benefits of the substitution effect aren’t just theoretical. In a paper that looked at the effect of medical marijuana laws, RAND Corporation and University of California, Irvine researchers concluded, “Our findings suggest that providing broader access to medical marijuana may have the potential benefit of reducing abuse of highly addictive painkillers.”

CNN, Nov. 5, 2015
China, Taiwan presidents to meet in historic summit
Peter Navarro is an [economics] professor at the University of California, [Irvine] … “What Xi Jinping is probably looking for are concessions from President Ma on the sovereignty issues. … These are two countries [China and Taiwan] … that are inextricably intertwined economically and culturally, but they’re never going to join hands unless it’s through some kind of military confrontation, and we hope that does not happen.”

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 6, 2015
Irvine swears in a homegrown police chief
For the first time, Irvine has a police chief who began at the department as an officer and rose to the organization’s highest rank. … He is a graduate of UC Irvine, where he received a bachelor’s degree in criminology.