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Orange County Register, Nov. 4, 2016
Irvine Museum will donate its entire collection to UC Irvine for new arts complex
The Irvine Museum has donated its permanent collection to University of California, Irvine, with the agreement that the university will raise money for and build a new museum to exhibit the art on its campus within 15 years.

Daily Pilot, Nov. 4, 2016
Joan Irvine Smith will donate her California Impressionist painting collection to UC Irvine
Joan Irvine Smith, an arts patron and the great-granddaughter of James Irvine, who established the Irvine Co. real estate and development firm, announced Oct. 27 that she will donate her entire California Impressionist painting collection, valued at $17 million, to the University of California, Irvine campus.

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 5, 2016
Ralph Cicerone, former UC Irvine chancellor who studied the causes of climate change, dies at 73
Ralph Cicerone, a distinguished University of California, Irvine scientist who conducted pioneering research into global warming and the depletion of Earth’s ozone layer before taking the helm as the university’s fourth chancellor, died Saturday.  He was 73.

Southern California Public Radio, Nov. 7, 2016
UC doubling outreach to underrepresented communities
For its outreach event last week, UC Irvine arrived at Compton High School with balloons, informational pamphlets, pins, and pens, and about a dozen staff, including university mascot Peter the Anteater and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Thomas Parham.

Fox News Latino, Nov. 4, 2016
Latino celebrities flexing their political muscle like never before
Louis DeSipio, a Latino politics expert at the University of California, Irvine, said this year there is undoubtedly “more enthusiastic support from Latinos in the arts.” … “The way Mr. Trump frames his campaign – talking about Mexicans as rapists – doesn’t just speak to Latino concerns, artists are part of that community,” DeSipio said. “They heard that message as well.”

The New York Times, Nov. 3, 2016
Whose life should your car save?
Azim Shariff, assistant professor of psychology at the University of California, Irvine, [writes]: The widespread use of self-driving cars promises to bring substantial benefits …. Our research, however, shows that there is also an important ethical dilemma that must be solved before people will be comfortable trusting their lives to these cars.

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