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KCRW,  Nov. 10, 2016
People of America: Get ready for change
The President-Elect made history again today at the White House, where he met with the incumbent President in the Oval Office. … Already there are anti-Trump demonstrations around the country. Will Obama be able to hold down the drama as Trump finally reveals his plans? … Guests: Kevin O’Leary,  … University of California, Irvine ….

Newsweek, Nov. 15, 2016
How Donald Trump’s nationalism won over white Americans
Sara Wallace Goodman, associate professor of political science at the University of California, Irvine, agrees that Obama’s two-term presidency might have pushed voters toward Trump. “There is a feeling in the U.S. that there has been an excess of liberalism,” she says. “People want to take back what was rightfully theirs and for some that includes taking back the color of the presidency.”

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 15, 2016
Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration leaves a lot unanswered for sanctuary cities like L.A.
As Trump rolls out his immigration policies, he’ll have to first decide what it means to be a sanctuary city, said Louis DeSipio, a professor of political science at UC Irvine. “Is it just the name, [a] purely symbolic thing, or specific policies in San Francisco or some other cities that he thinks counter federal laws?” DeSipio said. “What defines a sanctuary city in his eyes?”

National Geographic, Nov. 15, 2016
Mars is still a priority under Trump. Earth, not so much.
“Space is the frontier on which American aspiration can become humankind’s inspiration,” Trump advisors Robert Walker, a former U.S. congressman, and Peter Navarro, an economics professor at the University of California, Irvine, wrote in an op-ed published at SpaceNews in October. “The destiny of a free people lies in the stars. Donald Trump agrees.”

NY Mag, Nov. 10, 2016
6 ways to grieve for the election
University of California, Irvine, psychologist Roxane Cohen Silver says that, shockingly enough, from her research in how people recover from the shock of terrorist attacks, keeping CNN all day is not a good call. “A steady diet of media, repetition of the same sort of distressing stories doesn’t have psychological benefits,” she says.

Detroit Free Press, Nov. 12, 2016
Shock and fear, or hope for change?
Roxanne Varzi, associate professor of anthropology at University of California, Irvine, [writes]: I’m not suddenly scared, because I’ve been scared for a very long time. This didn’t just happen overnight. I’m a Middle Eastern American woman and a mother of a highly gifted dyslexic son who learns differently and does not have a place in the public school system. A mother who is raising a boy of Middle Eastern descent in a country where it is OK for other children to say nasty things about my son’s ancestry…. [T]his is the horror that some of us have been living with, no, all of us have been living with for a long time.

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