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CBS2, Nov. 10, 2019 (Video)
Researcher Discusses Veteran Grief Study
Pauline Lubens from UCI discusses new study focusing on veteran grief.

Orange County Register, Nov. 10, 2019
National Philanthropy Day 2019: Sue and Ralph Stern give to a diverse array of causes
Sue and Ralph Stern are well-known for their widely diverse philanthropic interests that continue to expand each year …. In 2014, the Sterns focused their philanthropy on healthcare, donating close to $7 million to UC Irvine and establishing the Sue and Ralph Stern Center for Cancer Clinical Trials and Research at the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, which is part of UCI Health. The gift enhanced UCI’s involvement in cancer research and increased the ability of UCI cancer specialists to sponsor clinical trials, which test the safety and effectiveness of potentially new treatments. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

CNN, Nov. 9, 2019
Colleges are helping students start careers in esports
UC Irvine was among the first schools in the world to build a specialized esports program in 2016. Mark Deppe, director of Irvine’s esports program, told CNN Business that part of the challenge in developing the program has been addressing negative associations. “Some people believe video games are the scourge of society …” Deppe said. “So in addition to building this business and all the stresses that come with that, we have to address the fair critiques and defend against the unfair ones.”

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 9, 2019
Her baby was stillborn because of meth, police say. Now she’s charged with murder
The change was intended to strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence, not to be applied to women seeking abortions or those who suffer miscarriages or stillbirths, said Michele Goodwin, a law professor at UC Irvine and author of the forthcoming book “Policing the Womb.” “At the time, there were feminist organizations and others that were assured by legislators that these laws would never be applied to pregnant women,” Goodwin said. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Axios, Nov. 9, 2019
Philosophers tackle deepfakes
Normally, when you receive new information, you decide whether or not to believe it in part based on how much you trust the person telling you. “But there are cases where evidence for something is so strong that it overrides these social effects,” says Cailin O’Connor, a philosopher at UC Irvine. For decades, those cases have included video and audio evidence.

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