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Daily Pilot, Nov. 9, 2020 (Commentary)
Commentary: Rapid search for COVID-19 vaccine faces undue skepticism despite life-saving potential
“I’m very, very frustrated about the disdain in general for science,” said Dr. Don Forthal, a professor of medicine and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at UC Irvine. “It’s hard to know to what degree this general mistrust of science will impact the use of a vaccine when it becomes available.” … Dr. Michael Buchmeier, professor of infectious diseases at UC Irvine’s medical school and associate director of the Center for Viral Research .… “This is the one thing that should have united us,” he said. Instead, “people are not showing common sense.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Nov. 6, 2020
Program Helps Veterans Transition Into College
The Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP), is a D.C.-based non-profit that helps active-duty and veteran students pursue or transition into higher education. Every summer, the organization runs 1- to 2-week “bootcamps” for these students – hosted at a number of U.S. colleges and universities – wherein it teaches them various skills – such as academic reading, writing and studying – and helps accustom them to the typical college environment. … In 2020 alone, WSP partnered with high-profile higher ed institutions, including Yale, University of California Irvine … and Harvard University.

TIME, Nov. 7, 2020
President Trump Can’t Sue His Way to a Second Term. Why He Is Trying Anyway
“None of the litigation filed so far seems plausibly calculated to overturn the result of the election. Many complain about things like access to the counting facility, which doesn’t change election outcomes,” Rick Hasen, an election law expert at University of California Irvine, wrote in an e-mail to TIME. “Some raise unsubstantiated claims of fraud, and on a very small scale.”

KQED, Nov. 6, 2020 (Audio)
Trump Support Grew Among Latinos in California and Nationally, Poll Finds
“People look for simple metrics,” said Louis DeSipio, a professor of political science at UC Irvine who has studied Latino voters for decades. “And any community is diverse, not just in national origin, but in terms of generation, the region they live in. That’s reality.”  In previous elections, between a quarter and a third of Latinos have typically voted for Republican presidential candidates nationwide, with the GOP usually getting better results in states like Texas and Florida, he said.

Education Week, Nov. 9, 2020
Teacher-Recommended Tools for Online Learning
Dr. Adriana Villavicencio is an assistant professor [of education] at the University of California, Irvine. Her research is focused on K-12 educational policy and school practice that deepens or disrupts inequities for minoritized communities of students and families. … “I am a university professor, but my recommendations for a few “go-to” online tools come from my experience teaching over the summer in a K-12 teacher-credentialing program,” [said Villavicencio.]

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