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Smithsonian, Nov. 9, 2016
A mission to invent a bottle that takes the salt out of saltwater
Shane Ardo concedes that it wasn’t all that long ago that he didn’t know a whole lot about the world of desalination. But Ardo and his small team of researchers at the University of California, Irvine may have found an alternative to big, pricey plants, which aren’t really an option in many places where the need for fresh water is greatest, such as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Southern California Public Radio, Nov. 9, 2016
California’s future under a Trump presidency
Two of President-elect Trump’s key issues, cracking down on illegal immigration and renegotiating international trade deals could have profound effects here in California. … Three guests joined the show to help us break this down: … Louis DeSipio, teaches political science and Latino studies at UC Irvine.

National Geographic, Nov. 9, 2016
Illegal ivory almost all from recent killing, study finds
Researchers analyzing African elephant tusks seized by global law enforcement have confirmed what many suspect: the illegal ivory trade, now running in high gear, is being fueled almost exclusively by recently killed animals. In the first study of its kind, researchers showed that almost all tusks studied came from animals killed less than three years before the tusks were seized − many probably much more recently. … The other authors of the study are … Xiaomei Xu of the University of California, Irvine.

The Sacramento Bee, Nov. 8, 2016
This should be California’s next step on climate change
Steven J. Davis associate professor of Earth systems science at the University of California, Irvine, [writes]: The state of California has the ability to focus the substantial purchasing power of its $170 billion budget on products that meet our climate standards. California companies could do the same thing with their suppliers, and help spread low-carbon, climate-friendly practices up the supply chain. The principle we should adhere to is, “Buy clean.”

Los Angeles Times, Nov. 9, 2016
So long Roe vs. Wade? President Trump’s most lasting legacy could be radical change at the Supreme Court
Erwin Chemerinsky, dean and professor at the UC Irvine School of Law, [writes]:The election of Donald Trump as president means that there will be a conservative Supreme Court for years and maybe decades to come, but how much the court will move to the right depends on the health and stamina of Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer.

The Washington Post, Nov. 9, 2016
Why the gender gap doomed Hillary Clinton
Michael Tesler, associate professor of political science at UC Irvine, [writes:] There were countless stories this campaign about Donald Trump’s ostensibly insurmountable gender gap. … After all, several surveys as recently as a few weeks ago showed Trump losing female voters by an average of 20 percentage points – a record deficit that would have been virtually impossible to overcome if it had held. But, of course, female voters did not provide Hillary Clinton with such a decisive victory.

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