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Orange County Register, May 31, 2017
Rep. Schiff points to Trump’s apparent acceptance of Russian meddling
Russia’s meddling in last year’s presidential election reached unprecedented levels – with Donald Trump “egging on” the electronic hacking – and will threaten this country’s democratic foundation if not stanched, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff told a full house Tuesday at UC Irvine’s Barclay Theatre.

Business Insider, May 30, 2017
Physicists are probing the center of our galaxy to find the missing fifth force of nature
“If true, it’s revolutionary,” lead researcher Jonathan Feng from the University of California, Irvine, said at the time. “If confirmed by further experiments, this discovery of a possible fifth force would completely change our understanding of the Universe, with consequences for the unification of forces and dark matter.”

The Japan Times, May 30, 2017
U.N. rights expert airs concern about Japan’s freedom of expression
The lack of debate over historical events, restrictions on access to information justified on national security grounds and government pressure on media “require attention lest they undermine Japan’s democratic foundations,” said David Kaye, U.N. special rapporteur on the right to freedom of opinion and expression. … Kaye, professor of law at the University of California, Irvine, specializes in international human rights law and international humanitarian law.

ZDNet, May 30, 2017
The astonishing hidden and personal costs of IT downtime (and how predictive analytics might help)
Take, for example, the interruption that occurs when someone pops into your office to tell you that your email server is down. That interruption, of course, takes the time it takes, plus the time to fix the problem. But did you know, according to a study by UC Irvine, that it often takes an average of 23 minutes to refocus and get your head back in the game after an interruption?

R&D Magazine, May 30, 2017
A New View of Tropical Forest Emissions
Emissions of isoprene, a compound from plant matter that wields great influence in the atmosphere, are up to three times higher in the Amazon rainforest than scientists have thought, according to new findings published this week in Nature Communications. The findings come from a team of scientists from the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of California, Irvine. Corresponding authors are Dasa Gu of both UCI and PNNL along with Alex Guenther of UCI.

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