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Business Officer Magazine, May 2017
Seeding Climate Leadership
For the past decade, Wendell Brase spent an increasing amount of his time as the administrative vice chancellor for the University of California (UC), Irvine, on energy efficiency and energy procurement initiatives. Now he focuses his attention full time on these and a host of other resource-conserving and carbon-reduction efforts as UCI’s associate chancellor for sustainability. … In this article, Brase shares the basic principles that undergird the UC System’s approach to addressing the challenge of climate change.

The Washington Post, May 30, 2017
Do voter ID laws help or hurt voter turnout?
Rick Hason, an elections expert at the University of California at Irvine, noted that black voters in Milwaukee, which experienced a dramatic decline in turnout in 2016, were not motivated by Clinton the same way they were for Obama in 2012 or 2008.

The Sacramento Bee, May 27, 2017
UC Davis stokes American Dream more than most colleges, study says. Can it sustain?
The University of California system comprises the top five in the New York Times’ third College Access Index that measures their commitment to economic diversity. … [#1] UC Irvine.

Orange County Register, May 26, 2017
Forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s? A simple memory test can help ease your fears
UC Irvine Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders, too, offers test opportunities. Its focus is research participation. The website is Mind.uci.edu.

Psychology Today, May 26, 2017
Awe Engages Your Vagus Nerve and Can Combat Narcissism
Paul Piff, currently of the University of California, Irvine worked with Keltner as a student at Berkeley. Since then, Piff has become a thought leader when it comes to awe research. He is particularly interested in the ability of awe to reduce our “it’s all about me” egocentric tendencies (myself included) and the constant buzzing and preoccupation with one’s self.

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