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Forbes, May 25, 2017
PODCAST: Top Ten Best Value Colleges Tilt Towards The West
Notably, four of the top ten are University of California public schools with U.C. Berkeley taking the lead. UCLA follows at No. 2. U.C. Irvine and U.C. Davis are at No. 8 and No. 9, respectively.

AFP, May 24, 2017
Mouse sperm survives in space, but could human babies?
One of the study’s authors, Ulrike Luderer, a professor of medicine at the University of California, Irvine, said her research shows why the US space agency is worried about the health of deep space astronauts. “These types of exposures can cause early ovarian failure and ovarian cancer, as well as other osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and neurocognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s,” she told AFP.

Scientific American, June 2017
A Loud Warning: Millions of People Do Not Protect Their Ears
Modern life can be deafening. Yet even though many people know that they should use earplugs or earmuffs when mowing the lawn or partying at the club, they do not do so, according to a sweeping analysis by Harrison Lin, an ear surgeon at the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center and his colleagues.

International Business Times, May 25, 2017
How the media’s harassment of terrorist attack victims makes their trauma worse
According to research published in 2012 by scientist Roxane Cohen Silver of the University of California, Irvine, repeated exposure to vivid traumatic images in the media can have long-lasting negative consequences on a person’s mental and physical health. ” … we believe that our paper has something important to say regarding the impact of repeated exposure to graphic traumatic images,” Silver wrote in a paper published by the Association for Psychological Science.

CBS Los Angeles, May 24, 2017
Were There Dangerous Chemicals From Aliso Canyon Before The Big Leak?
CBS2 took the data to Michael Kleinman, a professor of environmental medicine at UC Irvine. He says some of these spikes are above what he considers safe. “It’s a chemical that has a number of health effects, including cancer.”

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