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The Washington Post, May 19, 2016
The real reason that so many women have to spend so much time getting ready
A fascinating new paper from two sociologists suggests that women do have good reason to spend so much time and money on their appearance: If they don’t, they risk losing a substantial amount of money. The research, from Jaclyn Wong of the University of Chicago and Andrew Penner of the University of California, Irvine, used data from a long-running national study of more than 14,000 people to look at the association between attractiveness and income.

Orange County Register, May 19, 2016
‘O.C. has hit middle age’: Orange County’s growth has slowed down, but not in Irvine
“Irvine’s population is growing because it’s physically growing into new areas which are part of its master plan,” said Mark Petracca, political science professor at UC Irvine who has served on the city’s planning commission. “And there’s probably more growth to come in the further areas of what used to be called the ‘northern sphere.’ Irvine’s motto could easily be, ‘If you build them, they will come.’”

Smithsonian Magazine, June 2016
Kill all the mosquitos?!
At UC Irvine, Anthony James, a geneticist, has been working since the 1980s on breeding mosquitoes that, while viable themselves, do not transmit P. falciparum. … James realized that if he could endow the mosquito with genes that produce antibodies to P. falciparum, he could destroy the parasite without having to kill even one insect.

Variety, May 18, 2016
Are political allegations against Facebook enough to warrant a congressional probe?
Jack Lerner, a specialist in technology law at UC Irvine, called Thune’s argument ironic. “You have the same people who were protesting up and down about net neutrality, calling it a Fairness Doctrine for the internet, and now they’re saying Facebook may not be acting fairly,” he said.  “I don’t know of any law that would allow Congress to simply say, ‘You need to present news more fairly.’”

The Washington Post, May 19, 2016
Most-cited law faculty, 2010-2014
Brian Leiter has updated his list of the most-cited law faculty. Here is his list of the 10 most-cited law faculty in the United States, 2010-14, led by Harvard’s Cass Sunstein. Following Sunstein are Erwin Chemerinsky (UC Irvine), Richard Epstein (NYU, Chicago), Eric Posner (Chicago), Mark Lemley (Stanford), William Eskridge Jr. (Yale), Mark Tushnet (Harvard), Akhil Amar (Yale), Bruce Ackerman (Yale) and Lawrence Lessig (Harvard).

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