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The New Yorker, May 18, 2022
The Problem with Blaming Robots For Taking Our Jobs
When I talked to Annie McClanahan, a UC Irvine English [associate] professor working on a book about the gig economy, she told me that automation today looks uncannily like automation during Marx’s nineteenth century; we’re returning to pre-industrial methods of wage payment, like the piece rate and tips, with a lot of work being done at home. “The seamstress paying for her own scissors and sewing machine is the same as the Uber driver paying for his gasoline,” McClanahan said.

Becker’s Hospital Review, May 17, 2022
Why the best ideas in digital health are still to come
Tom Andriola, vice chancellor of information technology and data and chief digital officer of University of California, Irvine and UCI Health, is bullish on the future integration of technology in healthcare. Despite the huge lift it takes to make changes in the healthcare system, Mr. Andriola believes now is the time to focus on where digital technology and data can improve care delivery. He joined the “Becker’s Digital Health + Health IT” podcast to discuss current and upcoming trends.

KABC San Francisco, May 18, 2022 (Video)
New assessment tool shows Bay Area counties with highest wildfire risk
While doing things to protect your home will help, the study concluded that a community-wide effort is needed to create a real firewall. One option is to greatly increase the number of controlled burns, according to a study released out of UC Irvine. “Our study shows that winter and spring are feasible times of the year that more prescribed burns should be done to help mitigate these extreme wildfires that we could see in the future,” said Janine Ann Baijnath-Rodino, [postdoctoral scholar], with UC Irvine’s Environmental Engineering Department.

Al Jazeera, May 17, 2022
As US reaches one million COVID deaths, how are Americans coping?
Alison Holman, a [nursing] professor at the University of California, Irvine, told Al Jazeera that for some, the pandemic has become a major collective trauma: “It has hit the entire country, it has hit the entire world, with the threat of death … Never in my life have I seen a worse disruption in our collective sense of time.”

LAist, May 17, 2022
How To Get Your Degree, From 3 Undocumented Students
Vanessa Delgado, a UC Irvine PhD candidate who studies how immigrant families broker life in the U.S., said children often can’t count on support from their parents for navigating the logistics of a college education. “The values are there in terms of really caring for education, wanting their children to do well, but oftentimes that know-how is missing,” said Delgado, who’s interviewed dozens of children of immigrants for her research.

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