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The Atlantic, June 2016
The false promise of DNA testing
William Thompson, an attorney and a criminology professor at the University of California, Irvine, told a KHOU 11 reporter …. “If this is incompetence, it’s gross incompetence … and repeated gross incompetence,” Thompson said. “You have to wonder if [the techs] could really be that stupid.” … Thompson was gratified by the overturning of Sutton’s conviction: The dangers he’d been warning about were obviously real.

Fox 11 News, May 17 , 2016
UCI van pooling
“I love van pooling.” … These employees from University of California, Irvine have ditched their cars and are van pooling.  UCI has 25 vanpools. A group of workers rent a van and get a subsidy from Orange County Transit Authority. … “In the end it costs us about $88 a month.” … They feel good that by vanpooling, they’ve taken six cars off the road.

OC Weekly, May 17, 2016
Mixed-Race Mixtape explores identity through hip-hop theater at UCI
Thankfully, Andrew “Fig” Figueroa is coming to UC Irvine this week to elevate the debate with Mixed-Race Mixtape, a much needed dose of hip-hop theater. Born to a Mexican dad and a white mom, Fig explores the intricacies of his own identity through song and stage.

East Bay Times, May 16, 2016
Are the Southern California surfers known as the ‘Lunada Bay Boys’ really a criminal gang?
Cheryl Maxson, a leading gang expert and professor of criminology at UC Irvine, recently used the topic of the Bay Boys as an exercise for students in her gang course. … “I challenged my students to really think outside the box and not be so set on our stereotypical notions of who joins a gang and what that kind of group identity can do for individuals,” Maxson said. … Ron Huff, another expert and criminology professor at UC Irvine, said the notion of a wealthy gang initiating members with beatings reminds him of hazing found in fraternities.

Southern California Public Radio, May 16, 2016
Money in politics: Finance, regulation and disclosure in California’s ballot initiative process
As we look to the November ballot, this is expected to be a record year for citizen initiatives in California with more than a hundred already proposed and filed with the Secretary of State. … Guests: … Richard Hasen, Chancellor’s Professor of law and political science at University of California, Irvine.

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