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Variety, May 11, 2018
Spotify’s Ban on Hateful Content and Conduct Is ‘Too Subjective’ and ‘Dangerous,’ Experts Say

“This [policy statement] feels much too undefined, it raises more questions than it answers,” says Charis Kubrin, a professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California, Irvine, who has written extensively on whether rappers’ lyrics can be used against them in a court of law. “It was obviously led by R. Kelly, but it seems as if they started with him rather than putting the policy in place first and then deciding who would [be penalized]. He’s the poster child for this, and he hasn’t been convicted of anything.”

The Washington Post, May 13, 2018
As California defies federal immigration policy, calling itself a sanctuary, the state’s conservatives are pushing back
“Bringing up immigration is a way of mobilizing moderate, traditional Republicans here without bringing up Trump, who is not particularly popular,” said Louis DeSipio, a political-science professor at the University of California at Irvine. “At the grass-roots level, there may be opposition to this law and fear. But at the elite level, the elected political level, there is a strategic aspect to introducing immigration into the conversation now.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

ABC30, May 14, 2018
Clovis man’s progress may prove ALS research actually working
His sister Debbie helped him get into the ALS Brainstorm clinical trial at U.C. Irvine — where doctors engineer a therapy from the patient’s own stem cells. “These stem cells then secrete growth factors to promote motor cell regeneration, reduce inflammation and the idea is that their motor cells can live longer,” said Dr. Namita Goyal, a neurologist on the study.

Los Angeles Times, May 11, 2018
Proterra sells electric buses to Washington, D.C., public transit system
BYD recently announced the Anteater Express shuttle bus fleet at UC Irvine will be converted from 29 diesel buses to 20 BYD buses. The deal was brokered by the university’s student government, paid for out of student fees. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

ABA Journal, May 14, 2018
Your Voice: Abandoning law school admissions testing would harm students, not help
Jay L. Austin, assistant dean for admissions and student financial services at the University of California Irvine School of Law, writes, “As we face the possibility of the elimination of standardized testing for law school admissions, it’s time to stop and consider the consequences. Last week, the Council of the ABA Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar proposed changing its standards to permit an admission test to be optional. That decision will be put before the ABA House of Delegates for approval.”

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