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The Atlantic, March 3, 2022
Now Is as Good a Time as There’ll Ever Be to Leave Your Pandemic Bubble
So it seems likely that now (or the near future) is as good a time as there’ll ever be to return to some activities you may have been avoiding. The virus “is going to be here for a long time,” Andrew Noymer, a public-health [associate] professor at UC Irvine, told me. “So if the logic is, Well, we can’t go out to eat, because there’s COVID, then we can never go out to eat again, because there’s going to be COVID with us forever, basically.”

CNBC, March 3, 2022 (Video)
Less than 1% of all FDIC-insured banks are Black-owned, according to the FDIC
Black banks are far from thriving. … “Whatever the struggles are of the community, the banks have the same struggle because they’re enmeshed in that community,” said Mehrsa Baradaran, professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine. “They cannot change it unless the community itself has more wealth and has more access, and we have less discrimination as a society.”

CalMatters, March 3, 2022 (Guest commentary)
Commentary: Public health issues call for significant investment
David Souleles, UCI director of the COVID-19 Response Team and the Master in Public Health Program and Practice writes, “Public health has historically struggled with three key issues: being understaffed, underfunded and misunderstood. The pandemic has claimed nearly a million American lives – a devastating, but preventable loss had public health agencies been better equipped with the appropriate resources, staff and infrastructure.”

Los Angeles Times, March 2, 2022
Why crime is at the center of California elections this year
UC Irvine criminology professor Elliott Currie says property crime statistics are notoriously unreliable — even before the passage of Proposition 47 — because many incidents are not reported. He noted that during the pandemic, violent crime — particularly murder — has been on the rise across the nation. “It’s taking place in all different kinds of places: red states, blue states and such. You try to attribute that to California criminal justice reforms, you’re clearly barking up the wrong tree,” Currie said. “It’s just a Republican talking point at the moment.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

Healthline, March 1, 2022
How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Could Cause a COVID-19 Spike in Europe
Oladele A. Ogunseitan, PhD, a professor of population health and disease prevention at the University of California, Irvine [said] “The war situation and population migration will make the emergence of new variants more likely, and that is a threat to global health, particularly if the existing vaccines are not effective against new strains or vaccinated people require a fourth booster vaccine to remain protected,” Ogunseitan added.

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