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CalMatters, March 24, 2022
Gas money: Is it better to send out checks or suspend a tax?
Sending out checks and cutting the gas tax both have the same aim, but the two methods have different implications for reducing usage of fossil fuels, says David Neumark, an economist [and Distinguished Professor] at UC Irvine. When the price of gas is high, people try to use less of it, said Neumark. If the state sends out checks, people who can’t change how much gas they use can use the money to offset higher prices at the pump, while others could try to drive less and use the money to cover other needs. … Cutting the gas tax to directly bring down the price of gas, he said, would have the opposite effect: It would make it easier for people to decide to drive more.

The Hill, March 23, 2022 (Op-ed)
Opinion: The world that Putin wants
Jeffrey S. Kopstein, UCI professor of political science and Stephen E. Hanson write, “What Putin wants is a world run by other Putins. There is a word for Putin’s kind of state: patrimonial. The patrimonial state is one in which the leader portrays himself as the embodiment of the nation and treats the entire state as his personal property. …  Within the territories he considers historically part of the Russian imperium, Putin wants to install patrimonial leaders willing to pledge fealty to him personally.”

Daily Pilot, March 23, 2022 (Column)
Apodaca: Whether faced with our own or someone else’s, there are techniques for coping with anger
UC Irvine professor [of psychological sciences] Raymond Novaco is the leading authority on anger whose work has significantly advanced the field. He is frequently credited with coining the term “anger management” and has focused primarily on assessing and treating people with serious disorders and histories of violence. … Novaco generously agreed to a second interview, this time to discuss the treatment and response side of the issue — in other words, what can be done when anger becomes dysregulated. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

The Hustle, March 18, 2022
Are advertisers going to infiltrate our dreams?
Last summer, … nearly 40 other scientists signed an open letter warning that, without action, dreams could soon become “a playground for corporate advertisers.” … Sara Mednick, a sleep researcher and professor of cognitive science at UC Irvine who co-signed the letter, is particularly concerned about the privacy implications of dream ad incubation. “Our dreams are our last sacred space,” she says. “We’re super vulnerable during our sleep and we may not even know we’re being exposed to these techniques.”

Greater Good Magazine, March 17, 2022 (Op-ed)
Six Ways to Respond to Your Kids’ Big Feelings
Jessica Borelli, Ph.D., UCI associate professor of psychological science and Stacey N. Doan write, “How are we as parents to respond to children’s distress when it follows different rules than our distress? How are we to coach children to regulate their emotions when we have our own emotions to manage, as well? Here are some simple tips for helping children feel heard, which will also help to resolve their distress and keep your home calmer.”

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