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The Washington Post, March 22, 2016
Why don’t millennials vote?
Russell Dalton, research professor at the Center for the Study of Democracy, University of California, Irvine, [writes]: Will millennials show up on election day? … Election analysts such as Philip Bump look at the historical data and conclude that any campaign that depends on the millennial vote is doomed to failure. And beyond voting, the young appear to be political dropouts.

Vox, March 22, 2016
Map: Here’s where the world is running out of groundwater
“We don’t actually know how much is stored in each of these aquifers. Estimates of remaining storage might vary from decades to millennia,” said Alexandra Richey, a graduate student at UC Irvine and lead author on both papers, in a press release. “In a water-scarce society, we can no longer tolerate this level of uncertainty, especially since groundwater is disappearing so rapidly.”

NPR, March 22, 2016
For many young Latino voters, issues trump political party
Twenty-one-year-old Luis Reyes is a student at UC Irvine and a registered Republican. He’s also influenced by his family. His parents came to the U.S. from Guatemala and El Salvador, so immigration is his top issue. “I am very disappointed in most of the Republican candidates.”

NYSE Post, March 22, 2016
White House hails ‘momentum’ in Senate’s Supreme Court pick
Election law expert Richard Hasen of the University of California, Irvine law school wrote that he is persuaded that Garland would vote to uphold challenged campaign finance restrictions like the one he confronted previous year.

Men’s Health, March 22, 2016
3 amazing things that happen when you close your email
The lucky participants of one University of California, Irvine study got to find out. For a whole week, researchers barred them from their inboxes. … The Irvine study suggests that when people aren’t distracted by incoming emails, they quit multitasking and do this old-fashioned thing called focusing.

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