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The New York Times, March 19, 2017
Travel Ban Dampens Persian New Year Celebration
Typically, at least half of the nearly 250 Iranian graduate students at the University of California, Irvine, return home for Nowruz, but this year none of them are daring to leave campus, said Touraj Daryaee, a professor who runs the Center for Persian Studies there.

Capital Public Radio, March 20, 2017
UC Irvine Researchers Develop Gel To Neutralize Snakebites
University of California Irvine Chemistry professor Ken Shea and Ph.D. student Jeff O’Brien have created a gel that neutralizes venom from a snake bite. … “It potentially will allow for someone to carry it around even if they have not been bitten by a snake just in case they see one it’s more of a preventative type medicine as well as something that could be efficacious in neutralizing the venom,” O’Brien says.

Pacific Standard, March 20, 2017
The Future of Corporate Political Spending
“If you want to see the effect of money and politics, the presidential race would be the last place you look,” says Richard L. Hasen, a campaign finance expert at the University of California–Irvine and author of Plutocrats United: Campaign Money, the Supreme Court, and the Distortion of American Elections. “There’s just so much money pouring [into the presidential race] that it’s hard for any single person to have an overwhelming influence.”

Orange County Register, March 20, 2017
Crime is down 4% in Orange County, but burglaries are on the rise
Despite a strong consensus among police officers that Prop. 47 is responsible for the recent rise in burglaries and thefts, UC Irvine criminologist Charis E. Kubrin disputes that connection, saying no accepted independent research has established a causal link. … “At this point, there is no definitive explanation for what’s happening with crime rates,” Kubrin said. “The variability that you see (among cities) is suggesting local causes, so I’d start to look at what’s happening at the local level first.”

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