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The Washington Post, March 1, 2018
Ancient carbon is coming from Arctic soil. It might be fine, but it might be terrible.
“It is currently unclear what constitutes a ‘steady state scenario’ for various Arctic ecosystems, specifically what a deviation from the expected carbon cycling in an undisturbed environment would look like,” said Clayton Elder and Claudia Czimczik, researchers at the University of California at Irvine who conducted the Nature Climate Change study ….

KPCC, March 1, 2018
How the Minnesota SCOTUS case could affect what Californians wear to the polls
The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday and there were a lot of questions. What if the voter is wearing a button with a rainbow on it? Or the 2nd Amendment on their shirt? So how could this case push the boundaries of free speech for other states like California?  Guest: Rick Hasen, professor specializing in election law at UC Irvine ….

Wired, March. 1, 2018
What would a ‘healthy’ Twitter even look like?
“Developing forms of measurement that deviate from engagement and growth is important for the industry, but what will determine the power of a move like this is how it will factor into Twitter’s business objectives,” says Katherine Lo, an online community researcher at University of California Irvine.

ESPN, March. 1, 2018
College esports gets big boost from February events, announcements
Mark Deppe, director of eSports at UC Irvine, said, “I was really shocked at how forward-thinking most of the leadership at UCI was. We brought a bunch of students to some of our campus leaders and showed them how big eSports and the competitive gaming community had become. Our faculty had been teaching and researching games for many years.”

Fortune, March. 2, 2018
Commentary: How Oscar Winners Can Turn #MeToo into a Mass Movement
Francesca Polletta, professor of sociology at the University of California, Irvine, writes: “#MeToo/Time’s Up activists at the Oscars will have the kind of media coverage that most movements dream of. They should turn their 40-plus million viewers into a mass movement against sexual harassment.”

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