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Southern California Record, March 17, 2021
UCI prof answers questions about Robinhood practices posed by OC Congresswoman Steel
“Trading apps aren’t just neutral onramps into financial markets for small-dollar investors,” said Erin Lockwood, assistant professor of political science at the University of California, Irvine. “Despite marketing themselves as tools of financial inclusion, they’re not providing a public service; they are for-profit companies with their own incentives and their own regulatory obligations, some of which entail, directly or indirectly, imposing limits on what trading activities are allowed.”

Blue Door Magazine, March 10, 2021
Medical Centers
UCI plans to build a world-class acute care hospital near the Irvine/Newport Beach border. The University of California Board of Regents granted approval for the project’s 144-bed acute care facility, ambulatory care center, and cancer center. The hospital joins the previously approved UCI Health Center for Advanced Care to create the new UCI Medical Center Irvine-Newport Beach, a full-service academic health complex that will bring a broad spectrum of the most advanced healthcare services to coastal and Southern Orange County, including access to the hundreds of clinical trials underway at UCI Health. [Starts page 22]

Amazon Science, March 16, 2021
How one intern’s research had real-world impact for Twitch moderators
Amanda Cullen, a PhD candidate in informatics at the University of California, Irvine, is deeply interested in how to foster genuinely inclusive communities in virtual spaces. “My dissertation, and my research for the past couple of years, has been about examining diversity and inclusion issues in games,” she said. That interest brought Cullen to an internship at Twitch — a live streaming service that features gaming, esports, and other entertainment — which Amazon acquired in 2014.

EdSource, March 17, 2021
How the pandemic changed higher education in California
Michael Dennin, UC Irvine’s vice provost for teaching and learning, said … colleges and their faculty should use what they’ve learned during the pandemic to teach each class in the most effective way possible. He predicted that would result in many more hybrid courses that mix online and in-person elements. “And by doing that, we’re going to better leverage the skills of the faculty because some of us are really good at making videos that engage and that a student can watch and learn something from,” said Dennin, who also serves on UC’s systemwide Academic Planning Council. “And some of us are really good in person.”

Men’s Health, March 16, 2021
6 Revealing Health Tests You Can Do From Home
New Vital Sign #6: Feeling Awe. Stress can cause anxiety and rumination and make you turn inward. Zooming out helps you decenter and break that cycle. “Awe is a major trigger of decentering,” says Paul Piff, Ph.D., [assistant professor, psychological science], who studies the emotion at the University of California, Irvine. … “Shots of awe are easy to find,” says Piff. The TED talk that completely changed your understanding of something, the colors that show up in grease floating on a puddle—awe can strike you anywhere. Let it.

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