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Cheddar, March 8, 2021 (Video)
The CDC Announces New Guidelines for Fully Vaccinated People
Andrew Noymer, epidemiologist and population health scientist for the University of California Irvine, discusses the new changes to inoculated individuals recommended by the CDC and the concern health officials have with states lifting Covid-19 restrictions.

U.S News & World Report, March 9, 2021
Science Reveals Why Tea Is Good for Your Heart
Scientists have gained new insight into how tea helps lower blood pressure, perhaps pointing the way to new types of blood pressure medications. The researchers found that certain compounds in both black and green tea help relax blood vessels by activating ion channel proteins in the walls of blood vessels. … “Simply by drinking tea we activate its beneficial, antihypertensive properties,” said study co-author Geoffrey Abbott …. He’s a professor in the department of physiology and biophysics in the UCI School of Medicine.

CNN, March 9, 2021
Westerners are increasingly scared of traveling to China as threat of detention rises
Jeff Wasserstrom, [UCI Chancellor’s Professor of history], is a self-proclaimed China specialist who is seriously considering never returning to China — at least, he says, not while President Xi Jinping is in power. The American professor, who for decades made multiple trips a year to China and was last there in 2018 … has written about cultural diversity and student protests in mainland China, and appeared on panels with people he says the Communist Party is “clearly upset with.” …  Today, it makes him consider whether crossing the border risks his indefinite arbitrary detention. … And he is not alone.

WalletHub, March 9, 2021
2021 WalletHub Tax Survey
WalletHub’s survey found that 222 million Americans do not believe the government is currently spending their tax dollars wisely. What do you think are the main reasons for that? Terry Shevlin, UCI business professor said: “I think there are 2 main reasons: First political differences between taxpayers. … Second, many individuals have directly observed waste or inefficiencies or been alerted to such via media reports ….”

People, March 9, 2021
Significant Amount of ‘Long-Haul’ COVID Sufferers Had Mild Symptoms During Initial Infection
More than a year into the pandemic, researchers are still learning more about how COVID-19 attacks the body, and a new study indicates that it’s not just those with severe cases who deal with long-term symptoms of the virus — many people with mild or asymptomatic cases can also become “long-haulers.” … The study, from researchers at the University of California, Irvine, is currently on MedRxiv, ….

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