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BBC World Service, March 9, 2017
Unraveling the mysteries of the Lut Desert  [1:30]
Expedition member Amir AghaKouchak, associate professor of hydrology at the University of California, Irvine was on hand to tell me more.

KQED, March 9, 2017
Valid voter fraud complaints in California? Dozens, not millions
The minuscule number “undercounts the amount of potential fraud because a lot of it would not be reported,” said Richard Hasen, a professor of election law at the University of California, Irvine. It also doesn’t include investigations that could be underway if initiated by prosecutors in the state’s 58 counties. Still, Hasen said, “I see no evidence that voter fraud is a major problem in California.”

Essence, March 10, 2017
Exclusive: This is what Race and Wrongful Convictions study tells us about prison, black men and black women
But a new study from the Newkirk Center for Science and Society at the University of California, Irvine is shedding light on to how these staggering numbers factor in wrongfully accused convictions. Published in a 37-page report, researchers of the Race and Wrongful Convictions study found a disproportionate amount of wrongfully convicted former inmates to be African-American.

VOA, March 9, 2017
China’s action on Trump trademark requests renews ethics concerns
Attorneys for the plaintiff include … University of California, Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky. They argue that Trump’s competing interests violate the U.S. Constitution’s Emoluments Clause, which prohibits public servants from accepting anything of value from a foreign government.

Phys.org, March 9, 2017
Unexpected oxidation state for molecular plutonium discovered
Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory in collaboration with the University of California, Irvine (UCI) have uncovered a significant new chemical attribute of plutonium, the identification and structural verification of the +2 oxidation state in a molecular system.

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