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Orange County Register, March 1, 2016
UCI’s 10-year plan would increase student population to 40,000, boost Latino enrollment
“With this plan, we have a clear direction into the foreseeable future that echoes the promise of our university’s founding mission,” University Provost Enrique Lavernia said in a statement. The plan, available on UCI’s website, is wide-ranging in its scope including increasing research spending … allowing students to design majors not attached to formal schools or departments, and figuring out ways to “address significant societal challenges ….”

Voice of America, Feb. 29, 2016
Cancer drug may offer hope against Alzheimer’s
Writing in the journal Brain, researchers from the University of California, Irvine, say the drug “disarms” the brain’s reaction to beta-amyloid plaques, a “hallmark” of the degenerative brain disease. … “Our findings demonstrate the critical role that inflammation plays in Alzheimer’s-related memory and cognitive losses,” said Kim Green, an assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior.

Daily Mail, March 1, 2016
Inside the brain of a serial killer: Scientists study mass murderers to understand what lies behind their crimes
Research by Professor Jim Fallon, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Irvine, has also been studying the brains of psychopaths using brain imaging. He found low activity in the orbital cortex seems to be involved in sociopathic behaviors and have trouble suppressing rage and violence. His work has shown that some people’s brains appear to be predisposed towards violence.

The Huffington Post, Feb. 29, 2016
Why Asians are being anything but quiet about the offensive Oscars jokes
Jennifer Lee, a sociology professor at UC Irvine, points to one more problem that the Asian jokes bring to light: the jokes themselves, which went through rounds of approval and were approved for broadcast. That shows how the industry can be tone-deaf, said Lee. “The writers who created the skit revealed just how much the industry needs to diversify, and diversify beyond the Black-White framework,” she told the Huffington Post.

Carnegie Council, Feb. 25, 2016
Human rights in China with Jeffrey Wasserstrom
Senior Fellow Devin Stewart speaks to scholar Jeffrey Wasserstrom, of University of California, Irvine, about the current state of Chinese media, politics, leadership, and human rights. They also discuss the country’s anti-corruption campaign, Chinese history, and Wasserstrom’s new book, Eight Juxtapositions: China Through Imperfect Analogies.

Buzzfeed, Feb. 27, 2016
Arguing with my father about Hillary Clinton’s ruthlessness
Catherine Liu, [UCI] professor of film & media studies, [writes]: In the Clintons, my father sees political stability. He wants more of the same: cunning political and cultural compromises to mask intensifying economic polarization. I don’t. … Excerpted from Catherine Liu’s Neoliberal Fictions: Hillary Clinton, Harper Lee and my Dad.

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