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Newsweek, June 4, 2020 (Opinion)
Pandemic Constitutional Rights: Not an All-Or-Nothing Proposition | Opinion
UCI Chancellor’s Professor Michele Goodwin writes, “What are the limits of government action in the midst of a pandemic? … Government infringements on civil rights and civil liberties should be driven by science, confirmed by medical evidence and tailored to address the health harms and threats. It’s not all or nothing—that’s too simplistic a view. Rather, protecting the public’s health and safety during COVID-19 requires prioritizing the public’s health while safeguarding civil liberties.”

Scientific American, June 4, 2020
The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity
UCI Associate Professor Sabrina Strings and Lindo Bacon write, “Black women have also been identified as the subgroup with the highest body mass index (BMI) in the U.S., with four out of five classified as either “overweight” or “obese.” … This heightened concern about their weight is not new; it reflects the racist stigmatization of black women’s bodies.”

The Washington Post, June 5, 2020
A ‘good’ protester is just a ‘bad’ protester in the misty rearview mirror
David S. Meyer, UCI professor of sociology and political science and author of “The Politics of Protest: Social Movements in America,” writes, “Social movements are sloppy and undisciplined affairs, with people and organizations spilling in and out of action over long periods of time, deploying a wide repertoire of tactics­­­ in the service of diverse goals. … Social change is credited to the good protester, but the bad and even the ugly help make it happen.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

CTV News, June 5, 2020
New Normal: Is COVID-19 killing cash?
Cashless-ness is neither inevitable nor desirable, says Bill Maurer, an anthropologist at the University of California Irvine who specializes in financial technology. “As long as there are poor people or refugees and immigrants or the elderly or the disabled, where traditional financial institutions are not accessible enough, there will be a need for cash,” he told CTVNews.ca …. His recent research points to young people, who are entirely adept with mobile and digital, storing cash to check their spending and to save.

Literary Hub, June 5, 2020
Letter From Los Angeles: On a Generational Uprising
Hector Tobar, UCI associate professor of English and Chicano Latino Studies writes, “The weeks became months and the Internet brought images of another kind of suffering from the world outside. I saw a black man taking a neighborhood jog, much like my own, being hunted and shot down in Florida. I witnessed the slow strangulation of another black man, in Minneapolis. Once again these faraway events became a thing creeping closer to us, until, on a warm spring afternoon, we heard the distant wailing of many police and fire sirens. A curfew order arrived on our phones.”

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