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Aeon, June 26, 2019
Re-made in China
Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Chancellor’s Professor in history at the University of California, Irvine and Amy Hawkins write, “In reality, China’s longstanding suspicion of foreign influence has not prevented the government or the people from becoming remarkably adept at marshalling the flow of overseas cultural touchstones into the country’s borders, remoulding them into something that isn’t entirely Chinese, but is also totally different from its original form.”

National Geographic, June 25, 2019
These corals choose to eat plastic over food
“This is the most interesting part of the study. No one has looked at this vector of disease pathogens before,” said Joleah Lamb, an ecologist at University of California, Irvine who was uninvolved with the study. Lamb has surveyed hundreds of coral reefs, documenting disease and pollution by large plastic trash items. Her research, published in Science last year, found that disease in corals increased by 20-fold after plastic made contact with the corals.

Greater Good Magazine, June 25, 2019
How to Decipher the Emotions Behind Your Child’s Behaviors
Jessica Borelli, Ph.D.,  associate professor of Psychological Science at the University of California, Irvine, writes, “It turns out that parents who mentalize see a wide range of benefits in their children. For one, their kids develop greater attachment security, which transpires when children feel safe and secure in their relationships with their parents. Further, in one experiment, parents who mentalized more for their own children persisted longer in trying to soothe a pretend crying baby.”

The Conversation, June 25, 2019
The guts of an Apple iPhone show exactly what Trump gets wrong about trade
Kenneth Kraemer, professor of business at University of California, Irvine and others write, “Crack open an iPhone and you’ll begin to see why President Donald Trump’s ongoing trade war with China doesn’t make sense. … Our research on the breakdown of an iPhone’s costs – where all its components and labor come from and who actually benefits – shows that China gets less value from its iPhone exports than you might think.”

Gizmodo, June 24, 2019
Study Warns We Could Melt the Entire Greenland Ice Sheet if We Don’t Change Course
Glaciologist Mathieu Morlighem of the University of California, Irvine, who also wasn’t involved, also praised the study’s use of the latest datasets, including data on the topography of Greenland’s bedrock, an important factor controlling how glaciers recede. He found the conclusion that Greenland’s ice will be gone in a millennium if we don’t alter course unsurprising, adding that it was “probably a conservative estimate as the model is not coupled to a climate system and feedbacks are not accounted for.”

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