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BuzzFeed, June 24, 2022
The Supreme Court Has Struck Down Roe V. Wade
“It’s kind of opened the door to saying that none of these things are actually rooted in the Constitution which means states should essentially be able to decide,” Aziza Ahmed, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, told BuzzFeed News. “It does feel like a minority rule type of situation where a minority of the country is claiming democratic process but actually to establish a set of rules that only the minority wants.”

London School of Economics Blog, June 21, 2022
Why the Democrats’ likely poor midterm performance this year may be of their own and Joe Biden’s making
As the November midterm elections approach, polling shows that the Democratic Party may well lose control of the US House and Senate. [UC Irvine Distinguished Professor of political science] Bernard Grofman looks at why the Democratic Party – and President Joe Biden – may have fallen out of favor with much of the American public.

New Statesman, June 22, 2022
The betrayal of Hong Kong
Hong Kong has been “slowly throttled” over 25 years, Jeffrey Wasserstrom, [UC Irvine Chancellor’s Professor of history and] the author of Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink, told me. Beijing and the local Hong Kong authorities had cracked down by increments, he said, trying to avoid producing a single moment or iconic photograph that would draw international attention in the same way that the tanks rolling into Tiananmen Square to crush the peaceful protests there in 1989 had done. … He said it reminded him in some respects of the approach the CCP had taken in Tibet and Xinjiang, where it has steadily increased repression over decades, while attempting to assuage international opprobrium.

WTVY, June 22, 2022 (Video)
Doctors and researchers encourage people to be mindful of their brain health
With June being Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month, doctors and researchers of the AHEAD study are urging people to be conscious about their health and their loved ones. Josh Grill, a University of California Irvine professor …. explains that the AHEAD study aims to prevent Alzheimer’s disease by trying to change how the disease is treated and how people think about it. He said the goal is to intervene at the earliest possible stages before the memory problems even begin.

Healthline, June 20, 2022
Sleeping Safety for Infants: What to Know About the Latest Recommendations
When babies are awake and supervised, that is the time for them to be on their stomachs (prone position). At least 15 to 30 total minutes of tummy time per day by 7 weeks of age encourages numerous benefits. Dr. Candice Taylor Lucas, MPH, FAAP, an associate professor for the department of pediatrics at University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, gave Healthline this helpful mnemonic: “Back to sleep and prone to play every day.”

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