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National Geographic, June 19, 2017
By 2100, Deadly Heat May Threaten Majority of Humankind
Thousands of people have died in India from the heatwaves in recent years. Another new study published in Science Advances found that the number of heatwaves in India killing more than 100 people increased 2.5 times between 1960 and 2009—an uptick likely due to climate change, says study co-author and University of California, Irvine professor Steven Davis.

The Guardian, June 19, 2017
A third of the world now faces deadly heatwaves as result of climate change
Global warming is a potent instigator of deadly heat, with research from University of California, Irvine this month finding the probability of a heatwave killing in excess of 100 people in India has doubled due to a 0.5C increase in temperature over the past 50 years. “The impact of global climate change is not a specter on the horizon. It’s real, and it’s being felt now all over the planet,” said Amir AghaKouchak, UCI associate professor and co-author of that study.

Smithsonian, June 19, 2017
Need to Fix a Heart Attack? Try Photosynthesis
Enter cyanobacteria. These tiny organisms make a living by taking in carbon dioxide and water and spitting out oxygen. In the ocean, they’re at the base of the food chain, making the oxygen and sugar that’s quickly exploited by other hungry organisms. “They serve as a lifeline to everything else,” says Adam Martiny, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California at Irvine who studies a common type of cyanobacteria called Synechococcus.

Bloomberg, June 20, 2017
Bloomberg Law Brief: High Court Takes on Voting Case (Audio)
Rick Hasen, a professor at the University of California Irvine, and founder of the Election Law blog, and Josh Douglas, a professor at the University of Kentucky School of Law, discuss a Monday decision by the Supreme Court to take on a case deciding whether judges can throw out legislative maps for being so partisan they violate the Constitution. They speak with June Grasso and Greg Stohr on Bloomberg Radio’s “Bloomberg Law.”

The Sacramento Bee, June 19, 2017
Trump took away your internet privacy. A California legislator wants to give it back
Joining Chau at a Capitol press conference Monday was Scott Jordan, a UC Irvine computer science professor and former Federal Communications Commission official, who listed some of the information internet service providers could glean: ….

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