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ThoughtCo., July 3, 2019
Top Medical Schools in California
The UCI School of Medicine has been around in various forms since the 19th century, and today it ranks among the top 50 medical schools for research in U.S. News. Each year, the school is home to over 400 medical students and 700 residents. Students study within the school’s 26 specialized departments …. The UC Irvine Medical Center is the school’s principal clinical facility. Along with the Doctor of Medicine degree, students can work towards a dual degree that combines the M.D. with a Ph.D., master’s of public health, M.B.A., or master’s in genetic counseling.

NPR (KQED), July 9, 2019
How Best To Snag And Destroy Bedbugs?
Scientists are working hard to expand their eradication tool set. At the University of California, Irvine, biologist and engineer Catherine Loudon is collaborating with several engineering labs on campus to create synthetic surfaces that could better trap the bugs. She was inspired by the tiny hooked hairs that grow from the leaves of some varieties of beans, such as kidney and green beans. In nature, these spiky hairs, called trichomes, pierce the feet of the aphids and leafhoppers that like to feed on them.

Medium, July 9, 2019
Is Burnout An Epidemic Among American Workers? Experts Are Divided.
“There is now a lot of academic literature on burnout, and I don’t think there’s any doubt that it’s a real phenomenon,” says Gloria Mark, a psychologist and professor of informatics at the University of California, Irvine. … Mark says that a confluence of factors — incessant email communication, for one, but also America’s shift toward more solitary leisure-time pursuits — have created a “perfect storm” of work stress and overload. “A lot of people are being caught up in this maelstrom, and it’s hard to get out of,” she says.

Atlas Obscura, July 3, 2019
Why California’s Droughts Killed More Than 100 Million Resilient Trees
Mike Goulden of the University of California Irvine, say that as climate continues to warm, droughts are going to hit harder and harder—and the only solution is simply to have fewer roots to feed—meaning sparser forests overall. It’s a process that appears to be underway, though now all the dead, dried-out trees have the potential to worsen the already serious problem of wildfires in the region.

Daily Pilot, July 3, 2019
UCI computer scientists make art come alive at the Venice Biennale
The composite is one of three collaborative installations that [Alexandru] Nicolau and fellow UCI computer science professor Alexander Veidenbaum contributed to the latest Venice Biennale, one of the oldest and most prestigious cultural festivals in the world. … Four UCI computer science doctoral students also were on the team. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

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