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ABC7, July 2, 2020 (Video)
“Ask the doctor” forum: Medical experts answer common questions about COVID-19
Dr. Jose Mayorga, director of UCI Family Health Center Santa Ana participated in a panel of physicians on ABC7 on Thursday, July 2 to answer Covid-19-related questions and concerns. He discussed the importance of proper hand hygiene and the use of gloves to minimize possible transmission in the community.

California Healthline, July 6, 2020
‘Please tell me my life is worth a LITTLE of your discomfort,’ nurse pleads
The curses came as a shock, but not really a surprise, to Nilu Patel, a certified registered nurse anesthetist at nearby University of California, Irvine Medical Center, who observed the conflict while waiting for takeout. … “Health care workers are scared, but we show up to work every single day,” Patel said. Wearing masks, she said, “is a very small thing to ask.”

Mail & Guardian, July 2, 2020
Part III: Afropessimism and rituals of anti-Black violence
Frank Wilderson is professor and chair of the African-American studies department at the University of California, Irvine. …  Amid the current international Black Lives Matter protests that are leading to the toppling down of the statues of slavers and imperialists, the Mail & Guardian interviewed Wilderson on his latest book and the genesis of Afropessimism as a field of thought. This is part three of a three-part interview. Parts one and two can be read here.

The Washington Post, July 2, 2020
China strangles its world city
“Hong Kong’s people have continually shown an ability to defy impossible odds and create beauty even in the harshest settings,” wrote [UCI Chancellor’s Professor], Jeffrey Wasserstrom the author of “Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink.” But he laments the creeping nihilism of the times. [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

The Guardian, July 3, 2020
LA’s Covid-19 ‘explosion’: overwhelmed hospitals, struggling workers, shuttered restaurants
“This is the explosion we warned about,” said Andrew Noymer, associate professor of public health at the University of California, Irvine. “There is a lot moving in the wrong direction.” … Noymer said it was possible California’s pandemic is on a later timetable than New York, which suffered by far the worst outbreak in the US earlier this spring. California and LA began reopening in phases at the end of May right when the virus was rapidly spreading in the state, he said.

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