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NPR, July 1, 2017
As Hong Kong Marks Handover Anniversary, A Push And Pull With China Over Identity
Ilaria Maria Sala [and] Jeffrey Wasserstrom, professor of Chinese history at the University of California Irvine, write: “At the same time, the continued presence in Hong Kong of what doesn’t – and can’t – appear on the mainland shows there’s still a gap (if no longer a chasm) between this and other Chinese cities.”

The New York Times, June 30, 2017
Asked for Voters’ Data, States Give Trump Panel a Bipartisan ‘No’
“I think the endgame here is to provide the pretext for federal legislation to make it harder for people to register and vote,” Richard L. Hasen, a professor and elections expert at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, said in an interview.

PBS Newshour, July 1, 2017
Troy Williams served 18 years. Now, he edits a paper that bridges prisons and public
“The vast majority of people get out of prison and the more that they can be connected to their communities, the better they’ll do,” said Keramet Reiter, an assistant professor of criminology at University of California, Irvine. “Giving them the ability to tell their stories, it’s likely to be very productive in terms of long-term reentry.”

Slate, June 30, 2017
Trump’s Voter Fraud Endgame
Richard L. Hasen, professor of law and political science at the University of California, Irvine, School of Law, writes: “Donald Trump’s attempt at voter suppression through his “election integrity” commission is a voting rights nightmare that is being enacted so clumsily it just might backfire.

Orange County Register, June 30, 2017
We’re out! Orange County pays final bankruptcy bill on July 1. The ride’s been wild
“Just like the Wall Street meltdown starting in 2008, virtually no one (save house arrest for Citron) was held politically or legally responsible for what happened with the people’s money during the O.C. bankruptcy,” said Mark Petracca, political science professor at UC Irvine. “It’s pretty darn amazing and there is a very troubling ‘lesson’ here for any public officials who wish to play fast and loose on the taxpayers’ dime.”

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